How to contact the IAS-Team

About the IAS Team:

The IAS Team (ias-team.inf ‚at‘ is part of the Department of Informatics, Universität Hamburg. They are responsible for the application process, selection process, program coordination, curriculum, questions about the IAS program, and counselling of students and applicants regarding study plans, and exams (among others) – next to their own research & lectures.  The IAS Team runs the IAS Master and contains the admission board (a group of professors, post-doctoral researchers, lecturers, and academic advisors who assess your application). The academic advisors are Dr Annika Peters (on parental leave) and Dennis Becker. They manage the IAS Team. Both are lecturers, Human-Robot-Interaction & Neural Network researchers, and the first contact for IAS-students at the Department of Informatics (ias-team.inf’at’  Compared to other study programs, having two advisors who are researchers of the IAS field, is quite different and an advantage for the students. The IAS Team is not part of the academic office nor central administration (CampusCenter) but works closely with those institutions. 

How to contact the IAS-Team when you have a question:

The IAS-Team has created a wiki that you should use as an additional source of information regarding applications, admissions, required documents, etc. Please read the wiki and website before asking a question that you could have answered yourself. Make a good first impression and ask only questions that cite the section of the wiki or website that you did not understand. Please, only direct your questions to We answer important emails for each applicant once within the application period. For queries regarding the 60 ECTS quick-check service or non-listed English proficiency certificates please use the email address above as well. Please refrain from using several different or personal email addresses. These emails will all be forwarded to us – and keep next to us other people at UHH busy as well. Please do not write the same email to different bodies at the Universität Hamburg. If a question cannot be answered by us we will forward your email or tell you who to contact.

Further points of contact at Universität Hamburg

IAS Team  & Academic Advisors: Dennis Becker (

Head of Examination Board: Prof. Dr. Stefan Wermter (contact the ias-team.inf instead)

Course Examination Management for enrolled students: Anna Leffler (

Course Management for enrolled students: Silke Peters (Informatics academic office,

Study Coordinator for enrolled IAS students: (Informatics academic office,

Departmental student representative committee for enrolled students: FSR Informatik [only in German]

For general queries about student life, semester contribution, central administration, STiNE support, and general enrolment issues at the Universität Hamburg, please consult the Universität Hamburg Campus Center.

General advice & help for international students at Universität Hamburg – visit PIASTA

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