Information for enrolled students

Corona updates

There are some official pages which you should check regularly for corona regulations at UHH & the Department of Informatics.

Sorry – not all pages are available in the English language – use the German page and translate via Browser (e.g. DeepL) or ask the ias-team to translate.

The current semester (Summer term 2021) is taught in digital form (mostly via zoom and other platforms). Unfortunately, the decision of whether the winter semester 2021/2022 classes will be taught entirely in digital form is not made yet.  At the moment the schedule for lectures and seminars for the next term is currently organised. It looks like some if not all lectures/seminars are in digital form or have at least a mixed approach. The new course catalogue will be published via STiNE, please check the STiNE page for more information.

Please, check the corona numbers for Hamburg here – to estimate the next decision.

Information for newly enrolled students

Forms for enrolled students

Forms for registering independent studies or your master’s thesis and others can be downloaded in the form portal at the academic office.

Public talks at the Department of Informatics (at the moment via Zoom!)

The Department of Informatics hosts and invites researchers from overall of the world for talks and the moment these talks take place via zoom: see the colloquium page

There is also a public lecture „Taming the machines“ open for everybody.

We also recommend visiting the page regularly for interesting talks and workshops.

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