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    • How much is the tuition fee?
      The City of Hamburg is subsidising tuition fees for all students in Hamburg which means you do not have to pay tuition fees for the Master’s programme „Intelligent Adaptive Systems“. You only have to pay the students semester fee which all students at the University of Hamburg have to pay.

    • What is a semester fee?
      Each student at the University of Hamburg has to pay a semester fee for each semester he or she is matriculated. You have to pay this fee to get your student card which already includes a free public transport pass for the Hamburg area. More information on how this fee is calculated and the current amount can be found here

    • Can I get a scholarship?
      Since tuition fees are already subsidised, there are no full scholarships offered by the University of Hamburg. If you are looking for a scholarship, check whether there are funding programmes in your own country that offer scholarships for foreign studies. The German DAAD offers scholarships for foreign students that want to study in Germany and a database of available programmes can be found on the DAAD webpage.
      Many funding programmes in Germany are aimed at German students, but some are also available for foreign students under certain conditions (e.g. merit scholarships). They usually offer partial funding for a limited time or a limited target group:
      Financing options at the University of Hamburg

    • When is the programme finished?
      You are finished when you have obtained 120 credit points within the given curriculum. This usually means that you are finished when you have submitted and passed your master’s thesis at the end of the 4th semester. Since the time you start the project can vary, the submission date varies as well and no exact date can be given in advance.

    • Is there support for learning German language at the university?
      Yes, there is. Although the programme is taught fully in English language, being able to speak German will be useful outside the University. There are German language courses offered to students free of charge, either as a block course just before the semester or as weekly courses within the semester. These courses can also be credited within the programme. For more information on course availability, please request information once you have been accepted for admission.

    • I do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, can I still apply?
      The requirement for the MSc IAS is a Bachelor’s degree with 60 credit points (ETCS) from Computer Science. Make sure to provide evidence of modules with computer science content (i.e. detailed transcript of records, module description in a nice and short table) to help the admissions board to decide whether a module can be counted towards the requirement. Please note the admission board will not search for info in an entire module handbook. All courses you list and explain have to be found in your transcript of records.

      What modules will be counted towards the 60 credit points?

      Without additional information, the admission board can only count modules where computer science content is evident from the module’s name (e.g. a module named „Object-oriented programming“ will surely be counted, „Seminar“ will not be counted). To enable the board to make an informed decision, please provide a short description for all modules with a majority of computer science related content, including projects or practicals. This can include modules ranging from digital signal processing to artificial intelligence or computational linguistics. Please note that math courses, most electrical engineering and mechatronics courses do not count for Computer Science. Missing credit points have to be obtained before application through additional courses, e.g. at your current university. If you are not sure whether the admission board will count your courses as Computer Science,  please do not hesitate to ask us before you send your application (e.g. December/January).

      The admission board will be looking for finished university courses obtained in one bachelor or master. These courses should be in total comparable to 60 ECTS credits obtained in the Bachelor of Sciene in Informatik at University of Hamburg.  Everything else will be a case by case decision by the admission board. Advice here: make it as clear as possible what you would like the admission board to accept and where the course came from. In some cases, online courses, courses from a different bachelor/master, work experience might be counted if it is evident that you have learned concepts and gained experience that is comparable to modules on at least BSc level. In any case, provide as much evidence about the content and the nature of the courses as you can in order to help the admission board to come to an informed decision. Please note the admission team does not have endless time to sort your mess.

    • Can I visit courses after application to make good for missing credit points in computer science?
      No, unfortunately not. The requirement of 60 ECTS from computer science modules, which have to be comparable to modules from the „BSc Informatik“ at the University of Hamburg, will be checked at the beginning of the admission process. If you do not fulfil this requirement, your application will be rejected by the admissions board before entering the selection process.  Please note that math courses, most electrical engineering and mechatronics courses do not count for Computer Science. Missing credit points have to be obtained before application through additional courses, e.g. at your current university.

    • Can I send my application documents by e-mail?
      No, everything has to be send in paper copy by postal mail. Please be aware that your application will only be considered complete once these hard-copies have arrived (including the signed print of the online application form!). Therefore you should plan for enough time for the mail to arrive before the application deadline! Only applications where all required documents were sent as hard copy will be considered!

    • Do I need German translations of all documents?
      No, we accept documents in English and German. If your original documents are in another language, you have to provide certified translations of those documents in either German or English.

    • I have sent the application, what happens next?
      After the deadline has passed, the IAS admission board will meet and rank all applicants that fulfil the requirements. The available spaces are then filled according to this ranking and all selected applicants will receive a letter of acceptance. Those applicants have to accept the offer usually within 14 days. This is done by sending in a matriculation form together with all required documents as certified/attested copies.
      All applicants that fulfil the requirements but were not selected for one of the available spaces will be informed and put on a waiting list. They may still receive an offer if one of the previously selected applicants does not answer to the letter of acceptance within the deadline or declines the offer.
      If the IAS admission board decided that you do not fulfil the requirements, you will receive a letter explaining the reason.

    • Do all the documents have to be sent as certified/attested copies?
      No, not for application. You can send normal hard copies with the application documents. But please be aware that once you have been sent an offer letter by the admission commission, you have to send certified/attested copies of your language certificate, your University Entry Qualification (high school, etc), and your BSc certificate to prove the authenticity of those documents. You usually get 14 days after receiving the offer letter to send the matriculation form with the certified copies, so you should have them already prepared.

    • I have already sent certified/attested copies for application, do I have to send them again for matriculation?

      Officially yes. You have to understand that the „IAS Team“ (where you sent your application) and the „Team for Application and Admission („Team Bewerbung und Zulassung“ (TBZ), team where you sent your matricualtion)“ are two different institutions spread across Hamburg.

      However, if you are experiencing any problems sending attested/original documents in time please contact both teams together in one email.

    • Do I have to take a GRE test and provide the score?
      GRE test scores are not required for application to the IAS programme, so there is no need to take a GRE test. If you have already taken the test you can submit the test scores as additional information which might be taken into consideration by the admissions board in the selection process.

    • Is it difficult to find a room in Hamburg?
      The housing market in Hamburg is quite competitive and it can be difficult to find a cheap room in Hamburg. You should therefore start your search early. Students usually live in shared accommodation, small apartments or student residences. Prices for small rooms start at 250 Euros per month and are mostly above 300 Euros. You should check which bills are already included in the rent (electricity, phone or internet bill are generally excluded).

    • Does the University offer student residences?
      Yes, the University has a limited amount of student residences available. A certain amount is usually kept for international students, but you should definitely apply early since there are always more applications than spaces. You can find more information on the pages of the Studierendwerk Hamburg.
    • Does a place in the IAS Master guarantee a space in a student hall of residence?
      No, a place in the IAS programme does not automatically include a space in a student hall of residence! You have to apply for a room separately. Please understand that the IAS team can also not give much assistance when searching for a room (especially regarding guarantor agreements, etc). Please contact the student services of the University of Hamburg in case you need help.


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